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Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Ft Myers & Cape Coral | Grouper | Snapper | Amberjack | Shark | Mackerel | Porgy | Crabby Charters Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Myers Book A Charter Fishing excursion near Ft Myers, Florida Book A Charter Fishing excursion near Ft Myers, Florida

Deep Sea Fishing Charters In Fort Myers & Cape Coral

Get Hooked on Pricing

Fishing License, Bait, Tackle, and Fish Cleaning are all included! All prices listed for 1-4 passengers, $125 extra will be added on prices for each 5th and 6th passenger.

American Red Snapper Trip

  • Only Available 6/1/2019 – 8/1/2019
  • 2 American Red Snapper per Angler
  • 9 Miles Offshore
  • Best Catch on the Gulf Coast  

$1650.00 Book Now

8 Hour Trip

  • Leave at 7a
  • 45 Miles Offshore
  • Snapper, Porgys, Some Grouper
  • Sharks & Other Reef Fish
  • Good Chance at Trophy Fish

$1100.00 Book Now

All Day
(12 HRS)

  • 6:30a – 6:30p
  • 65 Miles Offshore
  • Target Keeper Grouper
  • Swarms of Snapper & Other Reef Fish
  • Best Chance at Trophy Fish

$1550.00 Book Now

10 Hour Trip

  • Leave at 7a
  • 55 Miles Offshore
  • Target Keeper Grouper
  • Great Snapper & Other Reef Fish
  • Great Chance at Trophy Fish

$1350. 00

Book Now


Longer Trips. Deeper Water. Bigger Fish.

While other charters offer “deep sea” fishing but aren’t permitted to travel more than nine miles offshore. Captain Craig Best is one of only a handful of anglers on the Florida Gulf Coast licensed to go beyond state lines, up to 65 miles offshore to the waters less traveled. This is where you find the BIG fish. When you’re on the deck of the Crabby, you’ve always got a chance at the catch of a lifetime!

100% Refund Policy For Cancellations By Captain

Whether it’s bad weather or mechanical issues, Captain Craig only cancels trips for your safety. If your trip is canceled the day of, we will refund you and schedule another trip on the date of your choosing! 

What Could Be On Deck

  • Deep sea grouper fishing charters


    A short, stout bottom feeder, grouper hit like an 18-wheeler and fight like a fish twice their size. Once a grouper is hooked get ready for tug-of-war as it retreats to its lair to “rock up” and try to break you off. Grouper have a tendency to roll and cut line, so hauling one on to the boat is a rewarding experience. The current record holder for a red grouper is 42 pounds.

    “Everyone wants to catch a keeper grouper.” – Captain Craig

    Grouper Fishing

  • Deep Sea Snapper Fishing in Ft Myers


    Expert and novice anglers alike delight in the sensation of a snapper on the line. Crabby Charters ensures every deep sea fishing trip into the Gulf has a chance to haul in lane, mangrove and vermilion snapper. We try to target red snapper when in season. Snapper are great eating and fish cleaning is included in the price of your charter.

    “I try to send everyone home with a box full of snapper.” – Captain Craig

    Snapper Fishing

  • Deep Sea Mackerel Fishing


    You could catch small mackerel off the Ft. Myers pier or you could call up Crabby Charters and go after some big ones. The Gulf of Mexico is home to a number of Spanish mackerel, but we primarily target Kings which can grow more than fifty pounds. King mackerel are famed for their powerful runs so hang on tight!

    “No. I won’t make a ‘Holy mackerel’ joke for the website.” – Captain Craig

    Mackerel Fishing

  • Shark Fishing in Ft Myers


    Crabby Charters takes experienced anglers on night time deep sea charters to hunt after some of the Gulf’s most fearsome predators. Our guests have hauled up blacktip, bull, tiger and hammerhead sharks. If you want an unforgettable fishing experience then sign up for a night of shark fishing with Crabby Charters.

    “Oh don’t worry, The Crabby is bigger than The Orca.” – Captain Craig

    Shark Fishing

  • Deep Sea Amberjack Fishing Charter


    Amberjack, commonly referred to as the “reef donkey” because they fight like hell, are liable to bend a rod to its limit and are a fearsome adversary. A tall, powerful tail gives them the strength to fight even the most experienced anglers. Amberjack are not for the faint of heart, novice anglers should expect the fight of a lifetime from these monsters.

    “Most people can only handle catching a couple.” – Captain Craig

    Amberjack Fishing

  • Porgy Fishing in Ft Myers


    The Gulf of Mexico is full of grunts and porgy lurking along the bottom for a quick snack. Porgies can grow up to 8 pounds farther offshore. Anglers delight as these delicious fish dart back and forth on the line.

    “I struggle to keep porgies out of the boat some days.” – Captain Craig

    Porgy Fishing

Hop On Deck!

We hope clients will respect the years of work we spent locating the best fishing spots in the area. Please refrain from using GPS mapping during our trips, but feel free to take as many photos as you please! 

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Honestly, there is never a bad time to go deep sea fishing in Florida, but if you're on the hunt for certain species you might have to time your deep sea fishing trip for the fall. For some anglers, September through November offer the best fishing in Florida