Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Calabash – Hurricane Fishing Fleet

Do I Need A Fishing License?

You will be covered under our fishing license and do not need to have your own. Additionally, we’ll provide everything you need to be successful, including the rod, reel, bait, and tackle. We’ll put you on the fish and even put the bait on, if you’d like. You provide the smiles and be ready for a fun adventure.

Where Does The Boat Leave From?

The Hurricane II leaves out of Calabash, NC, just a short drive up from Myrtle Beach. We leave out of the closest port to the ocean, giving you more time on the water and with hooks in the water. Occasionally, and depending on your trip choice you may be on a vessel that leaves out of Little River, SC. After your booking, we’ll send you an email with all of the details about your trip.

Are The Trips Kid Friendly?

Yes! We love to take kids fishing. We’ve taken generations of families out into the Atlantic and it’s always fun when our guests bring back their kids. Our Dolphin Cruises are the perfect opportunity for the kids to get out on the ocean, in a fun, exciting way. For fishing, we ask that children be 4 years of age and above for everyone’s safety and fun.

Should I Book Online, Or Should I Call?

Booking online is the easiest way for most people. When you do, we’ll send you a confirmation email that gives you details about your trip including location, times, and what to wear. We’ll also send an email to the Captain to let him know to expect you and our front office has access to that info if anything changes. If you are unsure of your trip choice, feel free to call and we’ll be happy to help direct you to the best choice for you. You can reach us at 843-249-3571


Honestly, there is never a bad time to go deep sea fishing in Florida, but if you're on the hunt for certain species you might have to time your deep sea fishing trip for the fall. For some anglers, September through November offer the best fishing in Florida