Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Key West

Sport Fishing In The Blue Waters of The Gulf Stream

Our sport fishing boats are set up and ready to get you to the blue water species that everyone loves to fish for. We have boats that are 32, 36, 39, 42, and 47 ft in length with many different amenities to make your day more comfortable or match your budget. The bigger the boat generally the more expensive they are.

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The reef line is located just 6 miles to the South of Key West. That is where the depth of water starts to drop off and the action begins.

The action starts there where our talented captains and mates set the baits for trolling to entice the fish to eat. Out there its GAME ON! Expertly fresh rigged baits make their way through the prop wash looking just like the fish your query normally eat. Its amazing watching the mates on board our deep sea fishing fleet of boats rig these trolling baits with precision to ensure your day of fishing is successful.

While trolling, be comfortable sitting in nice fighting chairs with your group of 6 or less anglers enjoying the beverages or lunches you bring along and great conversation as you enjoy the short wait for the fish to bite. Sometimes the captains will allow anglers to come up to the fly bridge and enjoy a nice conversation or the view from up above.

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To see what kind of species may be available during your visit please check out our key west fishing seasons page and read up on your time to be here.

Our deep sea fishing boats can take up to 6 anglers per boat. Trips are 4, 6 and 8 hours in duration. We recommend the 6 or 8 hour trips for best results, especially in the summer due to longer travel distances to good fishing.

Sport Fishing Deep Sea Charter Boat Key WestA traditional comfortable way to fish the blue waters of the Gulf Stream. Larger boats with fly bridges that offer a good bit of room in the fighting area. Amenities for getting out of the weather and being comfortable are a trade off for thier slower speeds. Equiped with Bathrooms and some have air conditioning down below to make anglers more comfortable.

Sport fishing boats have a mate and a captain as the crew. The mate stays on the fighting deck and does all the rigging, rod handling and sometimes set the hook for you on a strike while the captain stays up in the fly bridge over seeing the operation and watching for signs of fish.

These boats are diesle powered and tend to be a bit slower out to the fishing grounds than thier faster couter parts the center consoles with a 15-20 mph cruising speed. They handle the seas very well due to thier weight and size. Travel times can chew into your fishing time, especially when the bite is 20 miles out in the summer time.

These boats can cary up to 6 persons. Costs of the sport fishing deep sea boats start at $750.00 for 4 hours and go up with the size and amenities. We reccomend at least a 6 hour experience on these boats to get your fishing time in. Check out the Deep Sea Fishing Rates Page for more pricing details.

Go fast and get to the fish are what the center consoles are all about. Able to troll the deep sea waters equally as well as their sport fish cousins the Center consoles are all about getting to the fish quickly and incredible versatility. Crewed by just a captain that single handles the boat. This type of boat offers much more hands on approach to fishing allowing the angler to participate as much as they want. Complete walk around fishing is also a plus on the center consoles as everyone can get in on the action when it starts.

Running and gunning techniques to find fish add to the apeal of this boat when deep sea fishing. Abiltiy to run to the birds and fish concentrations fast are a competitive edge that these boats have tpo put thier anglers in front of the action. The Versatility comes from the abilty for these boats to shift gears quickly and change from deep sea fishing to reef fishing if so desired. Often times offering two trips in one.

Most of the center consoles have at least a 35 mph cruise and can offer amenities such as a bathroom and seating. There are not places to really get out of the weather however these boats are fast enough to avoid it. These boats can usually be to the fishing grounds in 30 minutes on a longer run.

Able to cary up to 6 persons the rates start at $750.00 for 4 hours of fishing. Check Out our Deep Sea Fishing Rates for details on our center consoles.

We can also save you some money and offer Split Charters as well where you just pay for the seat and share the boat with others.

Every deep sea fishing anglers needs are different. To help us help you chose the right boat for your needs and budget Give us a call. We are always available to answer your questions.

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Honestly, there is never a bad time to go deep sea fishing in Florida, but if you're on the hunt for certain species you might have to time your deep sea fishing trip for the fall. For some anglers, September through November offer the best fishing in Florida